The Gemini Group, LLC is a consulting and training firm that helps city and state government, state legislators, educational institutions, and for-profit and not-for-profit organizations reach their organizational and leadership goals to ensure that outcomes are improved for everyone.

"Equity is the umbrella under which diversity and inclusion reside"

"What about Diversity & Inclusion?"

Our focus is on creating Equity in all outcomes.

Equity includes diversity and inclusion, and our goal is to ensure that organizations understand how to be equitable. Diversity by itself does not create equity, nor does inclusion. You can be a diverse organization and have inequitable outcomes.

Equity is the umbrella under which diversity and inclusion reside. If an organization is equitable, then by definition, it will be diverse and inclusive.
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Supporting equity through training, equity tools and organizational development.

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Implicit Bias Training

Every day, we see and feel the impacts of implicit bias.  Since everyone has it, our training provides participants with the understanding of where it comes from, how it can be recognized, and how detrimental impacts can be minimized.

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Equity Training

Master facilitation of foundational and customized workshop sessions for all levels of an organization:  by developing an understanding of systemic racism and the history of racial inequity, participants will learn how to utilize an equity lens to recognize and mitigate racism and any other forms of discrimination and oppression in the workforce.  With this approach, participants will learn how to mitigate detrimental outcomes stemming from any identity (e.g. sexism, xenophobia, ableism, etc.). 

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Equity Tools

Concrete examples and process tools to add equity to your policies, practices, and procedures, guided by those who have done the work.  We can help you institutionalize equity throughout your organization.  

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Organizational Development

Collaborating to tailor the right structure and processes to improve outcomes internally and externally. We offer workplace assessments for times when your organization is not running as well as it could, but you’re either not sure why, or you know why, but need assistance with how to improve things.

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Civil Rights Support

  • Sexual Harassment
  • Training: Title VI, VII, IX (Discrimination in Public Accommodation, Workplace and Education)
  • Investigations: Title VI, VII, IX to include Sexual Harassment issues.
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Supervisory and Managerial Leadership Coaching and Training

We help ensure that your management and leadership team are prepared to manage a 21st Century workforce. We help navigate issues that can arise in a diverse environment.



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